Kitchen Cabinet Design Wardrobe Divider @ Partition @ Pillar Display Cabinet TV Cabinet Island @ Bar Counter Platform @ Bed Frame Study @ Dressing Table Shoe Cabinet Bathroom Altar Material Accessories Material Meico Top Material Granite Top Material Quatz Top Material S/Surface Top Material Melamine Material 3G @ 4G Material Acrylic Material Laminate Material Nyatoh Renovation Construction Plumbing @ Ducting Project 3D Drawing Kitchen Cabinet Design 3D Drawing Wardrobe 3D Drawing Display Cabinet 3D Drawing TV Cabinet 3D Drawing Platform @ Bed Frame 3D Drawing Study @ Dressing Table 3D Drawing Bathroom 3D Drawing Altar Tinted Window DRESSING TABLE Material Solid Wood Top Project @ Glenmarie S/Stel Carcase TV CABINET DESIGN
Lavender Kitchen Sdn Bhd
No 38, Jalan Utarid U5/29,
Mahsing Industrial Park,
Seksyen U5,
40150 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+6012-6979089 (Ms Chin)

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Mon - Sat (9am to 6pm)
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